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Youth office of municipality Prijepolje

Youth Office is an institution in local government, which has the role of youth services, in order to bring the institutions of local self-government closer to the young. Office for Youth has a function that represents a link between young people and all institutions / organizations in order to improve the quality of life of young people in Prijepolje.

On this page you can see resources that indicates what is purpose of Youth office of municipality of Prijepolje in making public policies based on needs regarding prevention of migration, increasing quality to process of making new ambient and resources for support of personal development of youngsters and inclusion youngsters equal and socially cohesive youngsters through developing of experience and ideas, supoporting independence and readiness for challenges of new age , making their decisions visible and responsible towards local community.

Youth policy is constantly evolving with new experience of local staff and expertise and partnerships taken from European countries and USA.


part of SOLUTION

Office for youth as municipal body is responsible for implementing the goals and interests of the community for the population aged 15 to 30 years, through the care and support of young citizens, expressed in policy documents through delivery of programs and projects with partners that represent instituional bodies and non profit organisations.

The objectives are implemented through coordination mechanisms with stakeholders in creating conditions for implementation development policy towards youth development projects, programs, services and activities aimed at the personal development of young individuals of Prijepolje, following the umbrella documents of the local, national strategic documents and Law about youth of Republic of Serbia.

Office for Youth also gathers,finds and joining resources to develop a program of informal groups, youth organizations and youth organizations as well as their personal capacity.


We can together :

  • Develop youth policy projects in subject of education, tourism, ecology and entrepreurnship
  • Organize joint youth exchanges and capacity building with in colaboration with tourism institutions
  • Be partners through EVS projects of developing capacities of our citizens which experience are evaluated

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